Schmahl Science Workshops EXPLODES the myth that science is dull. Their instructors are talented scientists and engineers who engage students’ curiosity, imagination and creativity using a fun, hands-on approach. Students learn to apply the scientific process as well as core scientific principles, all the while making exciting new discoveries.


Join Schmahl Science at the 2nd Annual San Jose Mini Maker Faire, where this year they’ll be exploring Chromatography. Chromatography is a technique used to separate mixtures. Many different science fields use chromatography. The technique is used in environmental studies to detect pollution in water and air. Chromatography also is used by crime laboratories to identify clues such as blood, ink, or other substances found at a crime scene. Stop by their booth and create your own colorful bandanna design while learning about chromatography. You’ll learn how to separate the ink from permanent colored markers to make a rainbow of colors on your bandanna!

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